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About Jewelry Care

  • When you invest so carefully in each piece of jewellery, you must pay equal attention to its care and cleaning.
  • Always store your jewellery in a dry place that is protected from humidity, moisture and extreme temperatures.
  • Secure your jewellery in a soft textured box or pouch to avoid scratching, chipping and entanglement.
  • To retain the lustre and shine of your jewelry, it is preferable to remove it before doing labor-intensive manual tasks.
  • When dressing up, always wear jewellery at the last, after you have applied makeup and perfume.
  • You can use lukewarm water to clean your ornaments.
  • Inspect your collection frequently.
  • You can clean gold jewellery by mixing a few drops of dishwashing liquid and warm water in a bowl and dipping your pieces of jewellery in it. Once clean wipe them gently with a soft cloth. Rinse it with clean, warm water until sparkling clean.
  • Water can damage the threading or setting of certain types of jewellery so prevent your threaded pearls/beaded jewellery from getting wet.
  • Remove delicate jewellery before wearing contact sports, as diamonds can chip and get damaged upon impact.
  • Store all your jewellery certificates carefully for security reasons.