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Welcome To B N Jewellers

Welcome to B N Jewellers! For generations, we have helped families to turn their joyous moments into precious memories with our treasure trove of jewelry.

If you are looking for a knowledgeable and trustworthy jeweller who can become your investment guide, confidante and family jeweler, your search ends here!

We are one of the leading boutique jewellers in Vadodara selling beautiful, handcrafted ornaments made from gold, diamond, silver and jadau stones, and silver gifts and collectibles.

Be it a bride shopping for the perfect bridal necklace, an engagement solitaire ring or gifts on special occasions.

Latest Collection

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Liens Séduction Ring

The new Liens, as intense as passion yet as free as love. Reinventing a light-hearted playful selection, evoking a ribbon that unrolls and loosely ties according to whimsy.

Recurring Deposit Gold Scheme

B N Jewellers offers a Recurring Deposit Gold Scheme, where customers can set aside a fixed sum each month for buying jewellery up to 12 installments, with the minimum amount required being rupees 1000. This is an excellent way to save money for the future.

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